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Petco Hand Feeding Syringe for Birds

Safe and easy to use for administering nutritional and medical supplementsSyringe has plunger seal for easy use
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Customer Reviews for Petco Hand Feeding Syringe for Birds
Review 1 for Petco Hand Feeding Syringe for Birds
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You gotta learn how to use em

PostedDecember 8, 2009
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I just read the previous review and I have a few things to point out.
1. No one should be selling unweaned birds. It doesn't make a difference in their temperment.
2. No one without prior professional assisstance should take on hand feeding an unweaned bird.
With that said, sometimes the plungers in any syringe can be tough to push or they might get stuck. To combat this, dip the black part of the plunger into the foumula (or other liquid being used for) before using. It will coat the plunger and make it easy to use and you won't have any problems.
With the numbers wearing off, well, I've never had that problem in such a short period of time. I've had the numbers last on these syringes for years. The customer most likely was scrubbing the outside of the syringe and that's why they rubbed off.
But it also goes back to not having enough experience in handfeeding birds. After a while, you are able to eyeball it since A) You would eventually learn where the markers were by the amount of formula in the syringe and B) Someone qualified with a lot of experience knows how to check a bird's crop and/or judge when the bird has had too little or too much.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 2 for Petco Hand Feeding Syringe for Birds
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PostedJanuary 16, 2008
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from Easton, PA
I recently brought home an unweaned sun conure, meaning I have to hand feed her twice day. I bought four of these syringe's at full retail price, thinking that four would be plenty to last until she is eating on her own. Unfortunately, all four broke within the first 3 weeks of me using them. In all four, the black part poped out and got stuck inside the syringe. I tried to fix them by spending time pulling out the black part and reattaching it to the pusher, but eventually they all popped out again. Also, the measurements all wore off in the first two weeks - and all I used was warm water to clean them. I ended up having to throw them all away and buying new ones elsewhere.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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