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Fluval Daylight Aqualife & Plant LED Nano Aquarium Lamp

Balanced LED aquarium light for tanks with 5-10 gallon capacityPromotes and supports lush plant growth with light optimal for photosynthetic activityHigh CRI value for accurate color rendition and stunning viewing120° light dispersion eliminates dark areas with total light coverageVersatile mounting & lighting options – daytime and nighttime availableCompletely sealed and waterproofed aquarium LED light fixture
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Customer Reviews for Fluval Daylight Aqualife & Plant LED Nano Aquarium Lamp
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3 / 5


PostedSeptember 19, 2013
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from Atlantis, Atlantic Ocean
It's an average product. It provides adequete lighting for planting tanks, more for lower light needing plants. I have had no problem growing anacharis (which grew very quickly obviously) anubius, and some swords. I am trying some plants that require higher lighting and will review again, but this is with addition of CO2 dosing.
One problem I ran into was the mounting is actually a sticky pad that sticks on the side of the tank. Very sticky and doesn't come off, but kind of meh since now it covers part of the side, and if I ever decide to move it to another tank, I am afraid it wouldn't be as stickable. (well not really a problem per se, but i was expecting something else). Another problem with the mounting is that is is made for rimless tanks. I was attempting to place it on my 10 gallon tank and it did not work at all. I ended up cutting off the piece in the way that wasn't allowing it to stick onto the side with a knife. Worked well after that but kind of annoying that I had to go out of my way and pretty much break off a piece just so it can stay up.
Another thing to add, it says its good for a 10 gallon, but if you are using a standard size 10 gallon tank, you are going to want two. if you get one, it has a spotlight effect where the sides will be significantly darker than the middle that is lighted up, especially if you are trying to grow plants. With two, it fills it up quite well. The color has a nice white color, without being so much where plants wouldn't benefit, but not too yellow either. The moonlight is quite nice too. Also, its cool! doesn't over heat.
All in all, they are decent lights. They do a nice job and help on the electricity bill. Their mounting may have been on the last of their priority list, but the lights aren't bad. a good in between. However, not the top yet in comparison to other high end lighting. I'm happy in general, but I haven't fully decided if they were worth the $200 spent in comparison to a nice T5 HO setup. But then again, maintenance is cheaper since you don't have to annually replace the bulbs.
BTW as a last note, Fluval hasn't came out with actual PAR readings yet, or at least couldn't find them any where. This will be the final decision whether or not these lights were worth it.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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