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Petco Glass Nirvana Betta Bowl

A great first home for your petGlass bowl is easy to care for, set up and maintainPerfect for Betta fishVersatile enough to be set up almost any way, anywhere
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Customer Reviews for Petco Glass Nirvana Betta Bowl
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Don't put a betta in this

PostedMay 13, 2013
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from Seattle area
This "betta bowl" is not sufficient for a permanent home for a betta or any other tropical fish for several reasons. 1. It is too small to allow a betta to thrive - they really need 2.5 - 3 gallons minimum. 2. The shape is less than ideal - bettas are labyrinth fish, which means they surface frequently to breathe air; a tank this size that is taller than it is wide doesn't provide adequate surface area. 3. Bettas are tropical fish, meaning the water in which they live in the wild is in the upper 70s or warmer. To maintain this temperature in most of North America, an aquarium heater is necessary, and the twisted shape of this container would make it difficult to use a heater. 4. Bettas jump, and therefore betta tanks need to have a cover of some sort. 5. Ammonia would build up very quickly in a container this size, requiring 100% water changes several times a week.
The largest size Petco Pet Keeper is a much more appropriate home for a betta. It holds 3 - 3.5 gallons of water, depending on the amount of other objects in the tank, like substrate, filter, heater, ornaments, etc; it can by cycled, making maintenance much easier, including partial water changes rather than 100%, and needing these changes less often; it is wider than it is tall, allowing the betta more room to swim and a larger surface area to access the air; it has a lid; and last but not least, it is cheaper than this container.
This one may look prettier, but bettas are not decorations, they are living creatures who need appropriate care, which includes good housing.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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