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Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60

An ideal way to start a great hobbyComes fully equipped with lights, internal filter, pump and heaterFeatures a polished glass bow-front aquariumImmediately ready to use and biologically active when set upFeatures an innovative aquarium cover with variable pushing, lift-up and fixation technologyKit includes Sera Blackwater Aquatan, water conditioner and Sera Filter BioStart for immediate filter activation
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Customer Reviews for Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60
Review 1 for Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60
Overall rating 
4 / 5
4 / 5

Pretty tank with saltwater lighting

PostedDecember 20, 2012
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from Northern VA
It's a nice tank and not too terribly difficult to set up. It's a small tank, but not TOO small.
It comes out of the box with most of what you need, and everything seems to be decent quality:
Biggest con: the light that it comes with is NOT a freshwater light, despite the description to the contrary. It's a 50/50 blue/white light, like the kind used in reef setups. If you are using this for freshwater, you will need to buy a different power compact bulb to use. Fortunately, they aren't terribly expensive -- around $10 per bulb.
The filtration system creates a bit of a heavy current for the size, so you may need to use dampeners such as filter floss or pantyhose to slow the flow a bit. Also, the flow controller works pretty well.
Also, I wish the heater allowed you to actually set it to a particular temperature rather than just up or down. It seems to work well, though.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 2 for Sera Biotop Nano Cube 60
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5 / 5

A few minor tweeks to look out for, but SUPER!!!!

PostedOctober 8, 2012
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from Southern Oregon Coast
I have had this nano cube set up for 2 days now and have only had a few minor things that I've had to tweek but I love it so far!!!! One thing to look out for is there is a residue on the inside of the glass and plastic and it leaves an oil slick on the surface of your water so I advise using some tank safe cleanser to wipe down the inside of the tank... or just a good ol dish towel with water to get most of it away. Oil could have come from the pump mechanics too, but definitely a residue on the glass:-/
I also unwrapped and opened the tank to find that a screw and bolt that holds the lamp bracket had come undone and had to remove the light cover AS WELL AS the reflective backing to fix this minor issue- the thing that irritated me more was that one of the screws that held the clear light cover on was nearly completely stripped out and it took quite a while and some finess to get it out as all the screws were over tightened. Like I said... minor issues.
Also not happy that all the pictures and information in the packaging refer to a 'media bag' that the ceramic bio media go into. It is NOT included and when I contacted Petco was told this after I searched through all the packaging multiple times thinking I had missed it. Petco offered to ship one to me at no charge so it's also not a big deal. I used a new 'delicates' bag from the dollar tree for now, lol. It seems to work ok- but in a pinch I think one of those webbed plastic nets that the little red potatoes come in would work better :-)
Great water movement and I was SUPER happy to find out that it has the T5 lighting that I was planning on upgrading to- but now don't have to worry about. Coral's- here I come! No fish yet- I started with a majority of dry rock so it will take a while to get things established but I'm sure it won't be as long as in another type of tank- this one is everything I wanted and then some!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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