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Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems

Can be set up as a refugium, berlin or wet/dry (BioMedia kit sold separately for wet/dry set up) filtration systemQuiet filtrationAesthetically appealing, clean-line designEasy sump modifications for a custom set upMade in the USA
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Customer Reviews for Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems
Review 1 for Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems
Overall rating 
1 / 5
1 / 5

Aqueon Pro "JUNK"

PostedFebruary 12, 2014
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from Orange County Ca.
Purchased the ProFlex4 back in Oct 2013 from another online retailer to use with new 125 gallon mixed reef tank I was building. Designed tank, stand & all plumbing around the Proflex design. I liked the design, it was going to be perfect! So speed forward to Jan 2 2014 System is all together tank is full, sump is 1/4 full, to my surprise sump is leaking. I won't go into the crazyness that went on for the next 1/2hr or so. After reviewing the sump I found a hairline crack on the bottom of the sump @ the intake end. I blamed no-one but myself for not testing it first.
Ok so next I contacted Aqueon aka Central Garden & Pet. Their warranty dept was very helpful & sent replacement that arrived 10 days later. Knowing this one was going to be water tested first, I opened the box this one was cracked worse than the first one & in the exact same place & manor as the first, So back on the phone with Aqueon, again they shipped another. 10 days later it showed up "Broken again" same spot. Mind you none of the shipping boxes had any kind of damage corresponding with the damaged sump they all were shipped tightly in the exterior box.
When I called this time I mentioned this & requested that they fully inspect it before shipping it & then package it in a larger box with more packaging around it. The call was interrupted by a supervisor that said they will not be shipping another one & that they will be refunding my money, I explained that this would not be acceptable , that my whole design was built around their product, & I just wanted & needed what I had already paid for. Then he says " Why did you even call us,Why didn't you contact the retailer you purchased it from" I could see this was'nt going anywhere so I asked what I should do to get one that is not broken. He said to deal with a local company.
Ok so nobody carries the in any local retail stores but Petco sells them online & has them in stock in their Distribution Center which is local. So I purchased one from them. It arrived within two days. Packaged in an oversized box with extra packaging. Looks like someone knows how to package for shipping.
OH did I mention "It was cracked in the exact same location & manor as the others"
Petco sent another but same issue.
Needless to say I'm done with aqueon & their ProFex sumps. I have had to have a custom sump manufactured @ 3 times the cost to make it work with my system.
I would not recommend this product to anyone & due to the fact that Aqueon just gave up on me. I won't purchase another aqueon product ever.
Aqueon kept blaming the shipping company but it is my belief that if it was packaged correctly in the first place this wouldn't have happened.
This review does not reflect any wrong doing by Petco
Petco was helpful in everyway
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Review 2 for Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems
Overall rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5

Terrible design

PostedJanuary 6, 2014
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First, the skimmer is in the final chamber just sitting next to the return pump. This is a micro-bubble recipe like no other. Why do you think people use bubble traps?!? Minus 1 paw.
Next, the filter socks are pointless. Water isn't forced through them, it's just forced in their general area. Not even 1/4 as effective. Minus 1 paw.
Holy expensive. Please tell us what materials on this sump make it that pricey? I don't dare say we're paying for the design and/or R&D. It's a terrible design and sump designs similar to this have been around for decades. Minus 1 paw.
As most reefers will tell you, Bioballs are a no-no. But I realize this center chamber is flexible and you can do with it what you please. So kudos for a little flexibility. You kept it from a 1 paw review with that.
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Review 3 for Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5

Great product,

PostedOctober 21, 2012
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from Austin, TX
The sump was easy to setup and install. There is plenty of room for the skimmer and the return pump to fit nicely and the plumbing of it all was easy. Well as easy as pluming in tight spaces can be
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 4 for Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems
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4 / 5

Overall good Product

PostedSeptember 2, 2012
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from Sacramento, CA
I recommend buying a second set of micron filters to clean and swap out every week. The lid barely fits once filled since the water applies pressure to the refugium chamber walls. I've used this under my 75 Gal reef for six months now and besides working well, I wish I had the larger model 4. Like anything, once you know how to use it, it works very well with reg maintenance.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 5 for Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems
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1 / 5


PostedMarch 28, 2012
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from Mission Tx
when I installed the protein skimer my aquarium was full with bubbles
skimer should ben built in front of the sump not next to the pump
bad idea
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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