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8 in 1 Ultra Care Mite & Lice Bird Spray

Kills mites and lice, a common problem found in caged birdsMay be sprayed directly on birdSafe and effective
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Customer Reviews for 8 in 1 Ultra Care Mite & Lice Bird Spray
Review 1 for 8 in 1 Ultra Care Mite & Lice Bird Spray
Overall rating 
4 / 5
4 / 5

This product works for my rats

PostedJuly 21, 2015
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from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hi, I've had my rats for around half a year. I have a mischief of three, and they're very spoiled. Now I'm not sure where the lice came from, my eldest rat, winky, is from the humane society and came to me perfectly healthy, my second, Dobby, was a pet store rat and seemed healthy as well, my third rat, Sybill, was a petco feeder rat. And I will say one thing I am disappointed about is the lack of interaction the staff give to the rats and mice. She seemed to be healthy although she was extremely scared of humans and had a respiratory infection. Around a month ago I noticed small white things on my eldest rat, winky. (What I know now to be nits) i thought it might be a sort of dandruff, she had no scabs or itching. After bathing her it still wouldn't go away. The past few days as I was petting and snuggling my rats I noticed the full grown lice now roaming my beloved pets. After researching I bathed and coated them in olive oil, then rinsed them off, and blow dried them. That got rid of some of the nits (eggs) and lice. Today I saw the review from the woman who used this product on her mice, and after seeing this review I decided to go and try this before any other product. It's fairly inexpensive and a good sized bottle. It sprays a little weird, but for my rats I did as she suggested and used a cotton ball soaked in this to dampen their fur. There's a very light odor, not a bad smell, kinda like a cleaning product and it seems to be working fairly well.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 2 for 8 in 1 Ultra Care Mite & Lice Bird Spray
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5 / 5

Works great for feather mites

PostedSeptember 4, 2013
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from United States
I had a chicken with bad case of feather mites everything I tried for chickens didn't work from DE to poultry spray but this stuff works. Been spraying her every other day and after a year of no feathers shes getting pins!
I would recommend this to a friend!
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Review 3 for 8 in 1 Ultra Care Mite & Lice Bird Spray
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Saved My Mice's Lives

PostedApril 22, 2011
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from Bellevue, WA
I chose to use the "8 in 1 Bird" on my mice because it has a lower pyrethrin percentage than the "8 in 1 Small Animal"; I didn't want to risk possibly irritating their sensitive skin.
I adopted a white mouse from Petco, who unfortunately came home with lice. Naturally, the lice spread to the rest of my mice.
I put a towel in a box and sat the mice in there and put the box outside in the sunlight, that way any lice that were not killed would just blow away. Rather than spraying, I gloved my hands and doused cotton balls with the product and rubbed it on my mice (avoiding the eyes, of course). I sprayed some on my hand and let them walk over it to get the product on their under-bellies. You have to completely soak your pet (BIRD OR MOUSE) in order for it to work. I went inside to clean the cage and left the mice in the box to treat (My boyfriend watched over them. DON'T EVER leave mice unattended outside. They could catch a cold or worse, get caught themselves by a predator).
My boyfriend brought the mice inside after about 10 minutes. I was worried that because they had licked the spray off of themselves they would get sick. Well it's been a few hours now and they are still just fine! :)
All of the lice are gone - I will probably treat again next week, just to get rid of any larvae that may have hatched - but other than that, they are GONE!
This product isn't just a lice remover. It saved my mice from alot of stress and pain. The mouse who originally brought in the lice is now so much more relaxed. I imagine it's very uncomfortable to have your skin crawling with itchy bugs. Their fur also seems softer! They all seem so happy now that the lice are gone. They are like new mice!
This is an amazing product that works perfectly. Unlike Ivermectin, another bug treatment that you can get from the vet for exponentially more money, Pyrethrin is a plant based pesticide (it actually comes from a daisy-like flower) and is much safer for animals, so don't let people who are "anti-chemical" discourage you from getting this product - it works and it will save your animal.
I would recommend this to a friend!
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